“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This Department specializes in the care of pregnant women (from pre-natal to post-natal) and women’s reproductive health.


This Department is focused on individuals from birth to the end of adolescence.

Orthopaedic & Traumatology

Focused on the treatment of patients with injuries and non-traumatic diseases of bones, joints and other supportive tissues


With our state of the art CT-Scan, X-Ray and Ultrasound machines, coupled with our professional radiologists with extensive experience in radiology, Mercy Group Clinics offer the best in medical imaging to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases.

Physiotherapy & Gymnasium

 Educate patients and provide rehabilitation to end stage for patients with musculoskeletal problems.


Applying the principles of Optics to assist sight or correct defects in vision.


Our well equipped laboratory assist our Physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids.


Our well stocked Pharmacy offer a large range of medication and medical devices, and with the aid of our professional pharmacists help to advice our patients on their safe, effective and efficient use.

Internal Medicine

Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Internal Diseases….


Mercy Group Clinics is an accredited centre for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)…..

Emergency Medicine

Emergency, Trauma and Resuscitation Room……

Nursing Care

Making use of procedures and/or medications in providing comfort, safety and prevention of complications for patients.

“You can’t enjoy good Wealth if you’re not in good Health”

— Anonymous